Thabessum adopted Mohammed after a still birth. She did not give importance to whether he had a cleft lip.

Why Mohammed was adopted?

Since the surgery, Mohammed is not hidden inside the house anymore. He enjoys playing with his sisters the other kids in the neighborhood. Even the relatives who were avoiding Mohammed in the first place, now treat him just like the other children. Mohammed´s family is very optimistic about his further treatments like the operation of his palate in a couple of months. The family is very thankful for all the support they have received from the team in Mysore and they have never regretted their decision to adopt Mohammed. 

​Six month after Mohammed found his new family, the first operation to close his cleft lip was done by Dr. Manu Prasad in the Cleft Center in Mysore. Especially his sisters were excited how their little brother would look like. After the surgery everyone was happy about the great result. Also Thabessum´s cousin, the natural mother of Mohammed heard about the successful surgery. The information and the prospect of having a “normal child” changed her mind and she tried to get Mohammed back. Luckily, Mohammed was already officially adopted by Thabessum and her husband and the little boy continues to stay with the family that gave him love and a home from the first day.

The story of Mohammed is just one example showing that a cleft surgery does not only change the appearance of a child, but also how they live and get treated by others.

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Mohammed was born with a cleft lip and palate in a hospital in Mysore. When his parents saw him, they did not hesitate for a long time and rejected the newborn baby because of his deformation.

At the same time, Thabessum´s family went through hard times. A couple of days ago, she delivered a still birth and the entire family were in mourning. Thabessum´s mother heard about her niece´s (Mohammed’s mother) baby and that she didn´t want to care for the little boy. She called her daughter and told her about the lonely newborn. It was a sign of God for Thabessum and her husband and right on the spot they decided to give Mohammed a home and love. For them, his deformation didn´t matter and after the first appointment with Dr. Manu Prasad in the Cleft Center in Mysore, they were optimistic about the treatment and the future of Mohammed. 

While his two new sisters and his grandmother welcomed Mohammed with open arms, other relatives did not accept him as a family member. They avoided Mohammed because he looked different. The first months of his life, Mohammed grew up protected  by his new parents but isolated from society inside the house. 

Mohammed after lip surgery

Mohammed with his new family

-the story about little Mohammed who was rejected by his parents because of his cleft. 

Mohammed with his sisters and Dr. Manu Prasad