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Syed Ameer is a one year old baby boy, born to Afreen and Syed Momeen on Jan 10, 2015 in the city of Mysore. He is the youngest of the three children, and loves to play with his sister while his mother is busy with her household chores. “He is a bright and naughty little boy with sparkling eyes”, says his mother

Ameer in Urdu means Prince, but his parents were worried if he could really be a prince, born with a cleft lip. They were also worried that his facial disfigurement would hinder his social engagement and even involvement in school......

At the  time of pregnancy vitamin deficiency can affect the child causing facial malformations, under nourished mother and malnourished children are our main focus in this programme. 

Read!How  Ameer got a new  Smile !

Providing awareness & education about the cleft and facial deformities and its causes, prevention and solutions through conducting medical camps in the rural backward areas.

Speech and Functional  therapy can be extremely effective for children with mild hypernasality, an articulation disorder, or speech delay. The goal of speech therapy will be to develop good speech habits as well as to learn how to produce sounds correctly.

Every child's first visit to us starts with a comprehensive care. We take the time to evaluate the unique facial and dentalchallenges that may be lurking, so that a custom program of treatment can be created.

At our project centers, every child gets the attention he or she needs, to bring out their best smile in order to lead a normal life.

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