Guiding Principles

ABMSS partners with medical professionals all over India who share the same vision: No child should be limited in their chances because of being born with a cleft lip and/or palate. It is therefore our goal to provide comprehensive cleft care to underprivileged cleft children in order to enable them to be a part of mainstream society. In the centre of our approach stands the child who requires a host of interventions to be able to lead a normal life in a society that fully respects them. For that reason we support all dimensions of comprehensive care to be defined as follows: 

Benefits of Partnership

As our partner you enjoy the access to sustainable funding. Our sources of acquisition are well diversified which is reflected in a large variety of donors like companies, foundations, individual persons and government bodies that support our cause. From a geographical dimension, we receive funds from India and Germany where we are backed by a large number of long term relationships.

While working in an international setting, ABMSS is a medium sized organization that currently cooperates with 18 partner hospitals in India. This gives us flexibility in
our operations and enables us to react to changes quickly and develop tailor-made solutions together with our partners. In many cases, it was possible to facilitate 


medical equipment for discounted rates or to provide special support for children who face additional hardships apart from their cleft.  

How it works? 

ABMSS funds surgeries and other components of comprehensive cleft care through reimbursements upon proper documentation. In order to become a centre, a partner needs to fulfill a set of criteria listed by the organization.

ABMSS looks forward to fruitful partnerships that create smiles all across the country!